Diwan company nowadays constructing “Diwan residential compound” in Mosul city which contain villas and apartments besides many public buildings and infrastructure this ,we are proud that this project is the first of its kind in Mosul

Diwan residential compound is located in the Arabi neighborhood, which is one of the most outstanding areas in the Mosul city; it is characterized by a rise of the landscape and overlooking the city of Mosul, in addition to that it is located on the Sixtieth main Street where all service facilities are available.

It consists of 1453 residential unit that varies in style, horizontal and vertical, there design well suits land topography of the site, including the residential units style 1324 unit divided into six styles, four units in each floor.

  • The first style is (S) with total area of 117 m2
  • The second style is (S) with total area of 136 m2
  • The third style is (M) with total area of 148 m2
  • The fourth style is (M) with total area of 162 m2
  • The fifth style is (L) with total area of 193 m2
  • The sixth style is (L) with total area of 217 m2

These six styles includes all services including elevator, also there are independent residential units available in six styles 200 m2, 250 m2, 300 m2 , 400 m2 , 450 m2 , 500 m2 these units are duplex or 3 floor duplex as it suits the site’s and topography, the number of units is 129.

Diwan residential compound provides its inhabitants with all basic and necessary services such as:

  • Academic facilities (kindergartens, Preliminary School-24 classes, secondary school-24 classes)
  • Medical care facilities (medical compound with clinics and educational hospital (100 beds), Branch of governmental health care center)
  • Commercial facilities (shopping mall, markets, corner markets 60 m2 , bakeries, gas station, cafeterias and restaurants, Occasion hall)
  • Sport facilities (video games, billiard, bowling hall, basketball playground, volley ball playground, tennis playground, gym)
  • The compound also includes mosque, green areas, family areas, children areas, electric generators that provide the whole compound with electricity continuously, waste water treatment unit and water filtration unit, secondary electric station, parking areas, entrance gates, guarding and other.

Project implementation period is 6 years distributed on three phases, each phase lasts for two years the units will be handled during a period of 18 month from the date of registration and  signing contract.

The amusement facilities will be implemented during the three phases of the project while the primary facilities will be implemented in parallel with the implementation of every phase.

This project is a leading project in Mosul and Nineveh government which its inhabitants increase 3,500,000 where there is a residential crises where comes this project to solve this problem.

The project will be implemented in three phases.