Introduction letter

Introduction letter


Diwan Company for Contraction ,General trading and Investment 


Diwan company is specialized in general engineering works ,projects designs and constructions. Our company has a very special staff of engineers in many Specialties : architectural ,civil ,steel ,electrical ,mechanical and sanitary works. Our implements projects include constructional ,industrial ,irrigation and other plants additional to surveying works Our company devoting all its experience since 23 years in designing and constructing of residential ,commercial ,industrial buildings and projects. General contracting in all varieties and branches .Since 1992 we had constructed and designed with full documentation (480) projects ( residential ,commercial ,industrial and tourism ).f Natural stone manufacturing is one of the distinguished works implemented by our company with high competence in designing and implementing buildings with limestone and Farish (Local Mosul Marble) by advanced designs and accuracy of implementation. The company owns inquiry 55,000 m² full of Mosul marble in 5 layers The company has a high performance engineering staff members :architects ,civil ,electrical & mechanical engineers works side by side with an effective foremen staff ,all supported by many factories supporting Diwan company. In 2003 the company adopted the prefabricated building as (importing and installing) or as (local manufacturing prefabricated building by Diwan staff which trained in Turkey)m Diwan company has its own factory for producing double glazing windows ,doors and partitions using PVC profiles reinforced by steel sections Commercial importing activities of Diwan company are in two main lines : The first is to deliver the goods and equipments to the government ministries and offices , the company importing those good as an official representative in Iraq of 64 Turkish and polish manufactures .in the second line Diwan company feeds the privet sector and the local markets continuously with many items for example : Generators ,transformed compressors ,machines ,laboratories instruments ,playgrounds , city furniture ,heat insulation materials ,memberane ,liquid bitumen ,gypsum board ,cement board ,GRP sheets ,roof sheets ,galvanized roof tiles ,shingle ,corrupit sheets ,sandwich panel …etc i(111) importing operation has been achieved by our company transported to Iraq by 198 truck On investment sector Diwan company is the first company who invest in Mosul in residential sector through Diwan Residential compound which include 1324 apartment and 129 villa beside many commercial ,educational ,health ,sport facilities and infrastructure


General manager
Consultant engineer
Thakwan Zuhair Al-Saffar


General manager is officially registered in:

1- Mosul chamber of commerce / excellent degree

2-  Iraqi engineers union / consultant

3-  Iraqi contractors federation

4-  Ministry of planning / contractors in registration

5-  General federation of Agricultural cooperative Association in Iraq

6-  Ministry of justice / legal expert

7-  Ministry of trade / importer

8-  Iraqi Businessmen Union  /  Nineveh Branch

9-  Federation of Iraqi businessmen

10-  Dohuk Chamber of Commerce / excellent degree

11-  Iraqi – American chamber of commerce & industry

12-  Kurdistan engineering union

13-  Ministry of planning Kurdistan- Companies / first degree

14-  Dohuk engineering union

15-  Nineveh Business Center

16-  Kurdistan Contractors union / first degree

17-  Dohuk Contractors union / first degree

18-  Sulaimaniya Contractors union/ first degree

19-  Ministry of trade / exporter

20-  Baghdad chamber of commerce in 2007.

21-  Kirkuk Contractors union / first degree

22-  Iraqi contractors for construction & rebuild  organization (I.C.C.R.O)

23-  exporters & importers Union of Kurdistan region

24-  Arab federation for protection of intellectual property rights

25- Mosul Chamber of  Agricultural

26- Al-Obead Tribe Council

27- Contractors Association Cooperative For Construction And Housing      In Nineveh.

28- The Ministry of Planning / registration identity  of private contracting companies  in 2014.

29- Federation of Arab Engineers.

30- Iraqi Society of Engineers.

31- Arab foundation for management and development.

32- Geneva institute.

33- the common Iraq – Turkish commerce and industry chamber.

34- Spanish – Iraqi chamber of commerce